French wedding dress designer in Paris and Lyon

 Maria Dubois is a French wedding dress designer. She works as a stylist ans cuturier for many years. 
     Each dress is drawn sketches and created with care by hand. This allows to make changes to the margin throughout creation. More luxurious fabrics and refined pearl ornaments are used on the models. The collection of Maria offers a variety of elegant styles, glamor to a more seductive style with lace, chiffon and silk through the classic. The bride herself may participate in the creation of her wedding dress, to better reflect its refinement and a unique style.
You can fit on a lot of dresses 
from her collections and get expert advice and also order a custom-made wedding dress.

French wedding dress designer
creatrice robe mariee

La Hilarité

robe de mariée bohème

La Sensualité

robe de mariée dentelle

La Passion

robe mariée dentelle dos nu

La Tendress

robe de mariée dentelle Lyon